Moses Abor for NPP youth organiser

Moses Abor for NPP youth organiser

The constituency youth organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ayawaso Central, Mr. Moses Abor, has declared his intention to contest for the position of Greater Accra Regional youth organiser of the ruling party.

Speaking at a mini-rally in Accra, Mr. Abor called on all the NPP fraternity not to wait until the 2020 general elections before campaigning. “We don’t wait in politics because the next general elections are just around the corner, we should all start campaigning for the party we all love”.

Mr. Abor, who has been appointed by the Accra Metropolitan Authority to head the busy hub of Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, appealed to the youth to continue to show the zeal and enthusiasm that brought the party to power.

He stressed that his work records are there for Ghanaians to admire, from his time as the Assembly Member for the Mallata electoral area and as the constituency youth organiser of the NPP.

“I initiated various programs as an Assembly Member to create awareness and encourage the people to be clean and ensure that sanitation is not taken for granted” he said.

Nick-named Junior IC Quaye, due to commonalities with the former Greater Accra Regional minister during the administration of President JA Kufour, he urged the party’s faithful and the public to respect the appointments of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. “We believe in him and his works that is why we voted for him, same as the ministers he has appointed” he added.

In another development, the Kayayei representative in Accra, Haruna Galadima, has lauded Mr. Moses Abor as their (Kayayei) protector in Accra against unscrupulous men who want to take advantage of them, especially at the Malata Market.

He revealed that Moses has participated in many outreach programs with non-governmental organisations for the future and welfare of the Kayayeis at the market.

Multi-lingual Abor speaks Gurunee (Frafra), Ga, Hausa, Twi, Ewe and Dagbani, which makes him favourite among the contestant in addition to his popularity.

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