Haruna IddriStar continues to Shine

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is celebrating 25 years of existence and contribution to the development of the country and this also include contribution to the advancement of constitutional democracy.

By far the party is the most successful political entity in Ghana for winning four electoral contests since 1992. The electoral successes of the NDC have been made possible due to the presence of hardworking and noble men and women.

The caliber of young and dedicated men and women, who have assumed leadership roles on the side of the NDC in Parliament, gives clear indication that the party would have another successful 25 years ahead.

One person who has palpably shown that he can steer the affairs of the party in Parliament is Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, and it comes as no surprise that he was elected by his peers to serve as the leader of the minority.

Many who have known Hon. Iddrisu, 47, from his days as a vibrant student leader, would bear testimony to the fact that the Tamale South legislator is cut for his role and would be the one to make the NDC a formidable parliamentary minority in the interest of Ghana.

Indeed since January 7th of this year when he assumed his new role, the former minister of communication, trade and industry, and employment and labour relations has not disappointed his party folks and independent observers, who all laud his leadership capabilities.

It therefore came as no surprise when President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his State of the Nation Address in late February duly acknowledged the qualities inherent in the minority leader.

Since the 4th Parliament in 2005 of the 4th republic, Hon. Iddrisu’s contribution to debates on the floor of the House has been commendable and despite being a young legislator then, he was never intimidated by the presence of some heavyweights, who include the current President.

Haruna’s success as a politician can to a large extent be attributed to his broad and open mindedness. Albeit a lawyer by training and practice, he is always eager to seek for knowledge outside his scope of training.

No wonder his grasp of matters of information, communication and technology (ICT) earned him the admiration and respect of late President John Evans Mills, who subsequently appointed Hon. Iddrisu as Minister of Communications from 2009 to 2012.

His period as Minister of Employment and Labour Relations saw unprecedented industrial actions by almost all the labour unions in the country. However, with a profound appreciation of the social and political dynamics at play in Ghana he was able to handle all these labour agitations.

He remains about the only high ranking member of the NDC who has little to no bad media image and widely respected by his political opponents for his intelligence and oratory skills.

Many political commentators have long predicted an Haruna Iddrisu presidency in the near future. Reading the political tea leaves, one is but tempted to reason with these political commentators.

In the past rumours filled the media space that Hon. Iddrisu had fallen out with former President JJ Rawlings and in the early days of the John Mahama administration newspaper pages were filled with rumours that he is not in the good books of the third John of the NDC gospel.

In all these thick rumours he moved on, and if recent happenings are anything to go by one can say without fear of contradiction that the minority leader occupies a place of pride in the books of former Presidents Rawlings and Mahama.

One thing that would not be a rumour is the fact that government and the majority side in Parliament would never have it easy as the minority front in the House led by Hon Iddrisu will give them a good run for their money and make sure that Ghana triumphs

Source;Ghana Eye

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