Fashion show for Kayayei initiated

A fashion show designed to champion the dignity of head-poters popularly known as Kayayeis found all over major cities in Ghana has been initiated in Accra.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaeye news site, the Greater Accra coordinator of the Pamela Bridgewater Project, Ms Evelyn Mokadza, said though the Kayayeis represent the disadvantaged segment of the Ghanaian populace “I can see happiness, beauty and pride in them and they are like any other women or girls and therefore need our sisterly and motherly attention or care”.

Ms Mokadza reiterated the importance of the fashion show as branding the value of the disadvantaged girls, apart from the awareness creation of what she described as the “neglect of our society”.

According to her, the show on the various media would bring much pride and respect for girls in Ghana, which she believes can have a psychological effect on the unscrupulous men who want to take advantage of their situation especially at night.

She stressed that, the Kayayei show would have a short outreach programs to educate and create awareness among the girls on how to prevent or report abuses and teenage pregnancy.

In early 2016, the organisation in partnership with its international associates successful staged a talent show for children in Ghana to unearth what the kids can do .The event was met with much interest across the country,

The Bridgewater project campaigns for the future and welfare of Kayayeis and children through training, education, advocacy, protection and research.

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