The chairman for the coalition of national political groupings Mr. Yahaya Alhassan has expressed deep sorrow about the sudden death of Mr. Alhaji Ibrahim Musah, In delivering the eulogy at Mamobi a surburb in Accra , Mr. Alhassan, described Alhaji Ibrahim as an ardent advocate for the development of Zongo communities ,adding that, his advisory role as a great thinker for their programs has positively impacted across the Muslim groups .

Alhaji was a nice to meet man, a social character, and there is no doubt, Zongo has lost a personality.
The father of 6, was a man of peace and died whilst promoting peace through our no-to vigilantism campaign.
He urge the entire Alhaji Ibrahim’s family, children and Zongo fraternity to take heart in the fact that your father touched lives and lived a legacy worthy of emulation.

We pray that Allah will grant him eternal rest, surely at the heart of Jannatul Firdaus. Amen .


The ambassador Pamela Bridgewater project has sent a condolence message to the bereaved family of the late Alhaji Ibrahim Musah.

In a statement issued and signed by the director of the Bridgewater project, Mr. Yahaya Alhassan praised the pointable work for the kayayei by Alhaji’s children, when he said ‘the continues extension of motherly care through the organization, including the provision of resting place for the deprived girls shall always shower blessings, particularly to the departed souls of the cherished family’ .

“It is with profound sadness and deep sorrow that we learned of the demise of your humble dad, we love both parents but Allah loves them most ’’
In this moment of Zongo grief, I called on all to join me in extending our sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the children.

Mr. Alhassan urged the entire Alhaji Ibrahim’s family, children and Zongo fraternity to take heart in the fact that your father touched lives and lived a legacy worthy of emulation.

We pray that Allah will grant him eternal rest, surely at the heart of Jannatul Firdaus.Amen .

The founder and chief executive officer of De-Wayo Collections Mr. Haruna A.Nanga

YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPS COMMUNITY The founder and chief executive officer of De-Wayo Collections Mr. Haruna A.Nanga has mobilized the youth of Mamobi ,a suburb in the greater Accrra region of Ghana, to develop the road linking the community market to various areas within the constituency for business to flourish .

Speaking at the ceremony to commission the road for commuters, Mr. Haruna called on the government to embark on developmental projects within the Nima- Mamobi. And entire Zongo communities in Ghana by saying‘’ the strategic locations of Mamobi and Nima would be beneficial for any government or investor who develops or invests in these areas ,considering that, it’s located at the heart of Accra and has one of the most vibrant and growing market in Ghana ‘’

Mr. Haruna A. Nanga, who was the leading financier for the development project, urged the youth to create their own business ventures than relying heavily on the government to provide jobs, adding that’’ there is nothing better than being your own boss’’ On his part, Alhaj Ibrahim Musah, the community leader, advised individuals and organizations within Zongos to adopt sanitation measures for a clean Zongo.

He revealed that ‘’ cleanliness, is next to Godliness’’ De-Wayo Collections is a leading Supply and Distribution company in Ghana, including supplies of Household appliances, and other business ventures .

Threat of terrorism is real; let’s collaborate to avert it – Rawlings

Former President Jerry Rawlings has called for more vigilance from civilians and security forces in a bid to avert terrorist attacks.

“Inhabitants of especially the border communities need to remain extra vigilant and observant if we are to avoid any such terrorist attacks on our territory,” Rawlings wrote in a statement.

He said attacks in neighbouring countries should put Ghana on its toes.

“Travel advice and credible intelligence reports from several sources warn of potential terrorist attacks in countries like Ghana and Togo.

“Our country faces a real threat of terrorism with the heightened attacks in neighbouring countries.

“As Ghanaians, we can no longer procrastinate on the matter of terrorism and assume we are insulated from reality.

“The time has come for heightened vigilance by every Ghanaian as we enter a vulnerable period leading up to the December Presidential and Parliamentary elections,” the statement read.

Speaking on the concern of military men being deployed to border communities and the fear of political intimidation, Rawlings said more cooperation is needed between locals and the security services.

“Any unease and mistrust between the military and communities along the border areas will only create an opening for those engaging in terrorist activity to slip through, increasing the threats to our country.

“The military’s role is to defend the territorial integrity of the country and protect the people of Ghana,” he said.

GHANA EYE , has called for the immediate renewal of all land leases under the jurisdiction of the Ga State.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Galadima  showed documentary evidences dating back to 1905 which indicate the time the government acquired most lands in the capital city. “We are Gas and we deserve the benefits of our land” he said.

According to him , the GA  lands are not endowed with natural resources such as gold, oil or diamond. “What we have is our land and therefore we should retain and benefit from the royalties of our gifted land” he added.

He called  for the rectification of all land documents under the jurisdiction of the Ga Mantse. He said a similar process is underway in the Ashanti Region under the command of the Asantehene.

“The continuous denial of our rights to benefit from our gifted lands breeds poverty in Ga areas and low level of education, diseases, and teenage pregnancy, which perpetuate the cycle of poverty” said he.

“Who is the owner of the Ga lands? Is it the Lands Commission or the Accra Metropolitan Assembly? Or just who?” he fumed.

The chiefs and people of the Ga State deserve respect from government institutions. And he called for a united front among the Gas in pursuit of their natural inheritance.

According to him the agreements covering most lands upon which public and private buildings are cited upon in the capital city have expired.

“We are ready to pursue this at both the local and the international court of justice if our demand for renewal of all land agreements are not met” he warned and he also warned encroachers and developers who used foul means to get lands to be careful since such lands will eventually be returned to their rightful owners.

I can’t sanction deportation of Ghanaians from US – Ghana Ambassador

Ghana’s Ambassador to the U.S. has been caught in a cat and mouse game with the American authorities piling pressure on him to sanction the deportation of thousands of Ghanaians.

Dr Barfuor Adjei-Bawuah has described as unfair pressure on him to give his approval for hundreds of Ghanaians to be sent home for violating U.S. immigration laws.

“It leaves me with difficulty to sanction the deportation of my citizen and I have been trying hard to explain this to the authorities,” he told Joy News’ Elton John Brobbey.

According to the frustrated Ambassador, he does not understand why he has to sanction the deportation when there was a contract between the Visa applicants and American authorities in granting entry into the U.S.

“If that is what is to be done, I don’t have to give the U.S. permission to deport the very person they themselves accepted,” he explained.

His comment follows reports that close to a thousand Ghanaians held in detention centres across the U.S. are awaiting their deportation to Ghana if only Dr Adjei-Bawuah signs for that to happen.

Dr Adjei-Bawuah and the U.S. President Donald Trump

Last year in a meeting with a parliament select committee, the US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert P Jackson confirmed that “7,000 Ghanaians who have overstayed their visas or are staying in the US illegally are in various stages of the deportation processes.”

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“There will be additional deportations because the 7,000 people who are under deportation orders have either committed crimes in the United States or long overstayed the visas on which they entered,” Mr Jackson said.

The deportees are being sent home for various offences, ranging from drug possession, larceny, assault, theft, sexual assault, identity theft, illegal entry, forgery/fraud, resisting arrest and other non-criminal offences.

US Ambassador, Robert P Jackson 

But Ghana’s Ambassador to the U.S. said he cannot independently confirm that the persons to be deported were taken through legitimate and fair trial and cannot, therefore, be the one to sanction their deportation.

“You can only take it on the strength of the fact that the Americans say the trial was fair because you were not in the courtroom. You don’t know whether the person’s defense lawyer did seriously and adequately question the prosecution,” he said.

“Our argument is that we don’t have to be the final arbiter in the execution of a deportation order because we don’t have the information,” he said.

Clement Apaak, Builsa South MP

Joy News has learnt talks to resolve this standoff has yet to yield the desired results as the Dr Adjei-Barwuah has asked his host country to review their process.

Encouraging the Ambassador to stay strong and act in the best interest of Ghanaians, a member of Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, Dr Clement Apaak said international protocols demand that Ghanaian citizens are treated with respect and human dignity in their host countries.

“We urge our Ambassador to stand firm and not feel intimidated or be pushed to rush and allow for the affected Ghanaians to be deported without the proper and due process being followed,” he said.

The Builsa South legislator said he expects the Foreign Affairs Minister to brief parliament on the latest on the deportation from the U.S.

He said the Minister needs to provide information on who the deportees are, why they are being deported as well as whether they hail from Ghana.

Dr Apaak also called for logistics to be put in place for the Ghanaians so that in the event they are deported they won’t be as traumatic as their exit from the U.S.


Join the fight against child marriage – First Lady urges Ghanaians

The First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, has charged Ghanaians to join the fight against Girl Child marriage and also empower girls through education.

This year’s International Women’s Day celebration forum focused on girl child marriage and education.

Speaking at the forum on the Theme, “Press for Progress” Madam Akufo-Addo also acknowledged some individuals who had positively impacted the lives of children in their communities.

“The 2018 International Women’s Day theme is ‘Press for progress’. All over the world, we are experiencing strong and concerted activism towards gender parity. Today is an opportunity for us to add our voices to the discussions to get us closer to our goal.

“I certainly want to have my grandchildren to live in a Ghana where we have gender parity so this year’s theme speaks to something deep within me. For me, it means we move despite the obstacles. That we push forward in spite of the resistance. It means that we do not allow anything to stop us. Today, discussions will focus on two important and related issues. Girls’ education and the elimination of child marriages. Why the focus on these two issues? Because education is the catalyst for the development of the individual and the nation.”

Meanwhile the Centre for Democratic Congress (CDD), in a statement marking International Women’s Day, has commended various stakeholders for their immeasurable contribution towards the fight for women’s rights, justice, and equality.

It, however, maintained that progress towards gender parity remains slow.

According to CDD, inequality is very prevalent in women’s participation in politics, in spite of the policies introduced to increase women representation in key government offices.

Quoting a recent Afrobarometer survey, CDD indicated that statistics had shown that a large majority (72%) of Ghanaians “agree” or “agree very strongly” that women should have the same chance of being elected to political office as men. However, women are rarely encouraged to compete for such positions.

“This was evident in the 2016 elections where there was only one female presidential candidate and only one female running mate, representing 14.3% as opposed to 85.7% male. Though there was an uptick in women representation in Parliament in the elections (37, compared to 29 in 2012) – the highest in the country’s history – this is still very low, compared to 238 elected male parliamentarians,”CDD added in its statement.

CDD-Ghana also noted that Ghanaian women, both in the rural and urban settings are confronted with peculiar challenges which threaten their socio-economic and political development.

The Centre, therefore, recommended that government applies the appropriate policies and measures to accelerate the realization of gender equality in Ghana.

Paramount among these is the passage of the Affirmative Action Bill, which will ensure 50:50 representations of women in key public appointments.

Women’s Day: POWA calls for passage of Affirmative Action Bill

The Progressive Organization for Women’s Advancement (POWA), has charged Parliament to quickly see to the realization of the Affirmative Action Bill as the world marks International Women’s Day.

POWA in a statement said legislators must “expedite action on the affirmative action Bill as an effective means to address the historical and asymmetrical gender power relations in Ghana.”

The Bill is expected to provide legal backing for systems and policies that give women equal participation in Ghana.

POWA also condemned attacks on women in the public eye as disgusting and intolerant.

“The horrific attacks meted out to for example the late musician Ebony Reigns only reflects the ultra-conservative and reactionary outlook of our society towards independent and liberated women. Such bigoted act is not only an affront to the fundamental tenets of our republican constitution, but an antithesis to the very essence that governs our self-determination.”

“POWA calls on all right thinking and progressive Ghanaians to absolutely condemn any such acts in the spirit of equity and inclusiveness,” POWA added.

Find below the full statement

The Progressive Organization for Women’s Advancement (POWA), joins the world to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day.

As Ghana also celebrates its 61st anniversary, P.O.W.A. congratulates all who have been part of the independence struggle and all those who continue to advance the cause of equal citizenship rights.

POWA recognizes that it is only when practical meaning is giving to our democracy and rule of law that every citizen’s right can be protected and social justice achieved for all.

POWA has witnessed with much disgust the intolerant media and public attacks that has been visited on women in public life especially in recent years.

The horrific attacks meted out to for example the late music artist Ebony Reigns only reflects the ultra-conservative and reactionary outlook of our society towards independent and liberated women.

Such bigoted act is not only an affront to the fundamental tenets of our republican constitution but an antithesis to the very essence that governs our self-determination.

POWA calls on all right thinking and progressive Ghanaians to absolutely condemn any such acts in the spirit of equity and inclusiveness.

POWA also appeals to Parliament to expedite action and consideration of the affirmative action bill as an effective means to address the historical and asymmetrical gender power relations in Ghana.

POWA wishes all Ghanaian women a happy women’s day!

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By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/citifmonline.com/Ghana

I’m ready to collaborate with Ghana in corruption fight – Buhari

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has indicated his readiness to partner with Ghana to fight corruption in the two countries.

He commended President Akufo-Addo for his efforts in fighting the canker which he said had become endemic.

“I congratulate both the government and parliament for quick passage of the office of the special prosecutor act and its signing into law. Your Excellency can be assured that you have a good partner in me as I look forward to any form of collaboration between Nigeria and Ghana in tackling the menace of endemic corruption,” he said.

While delivering an address as a special guest at Ghana’s 61st Independence Day celebration at the Independence Square in Accra on Tuesday, Buhari further said he was convinced Africa can successfully eradicate poverty and entrench democracy when its leadership is strengthened.

“Given all these public policies, it is reassuring that with the right leadership, Africa drives to eradicate poverty and entrench democracy is on course,” he added.

President Muhammadu Buhari who has defined corruption as the greatest form of human right violation has through various policies tried to root out corruption from his country especially within the public sector but analysts have described the progress as very slow.

In 2012, a local newspaper reported that Nigeria had lost close to $400 billion since independence in 1960.

By: Jonas Nyabor/citifmonline.com/Ghana